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Vocabulary training: separate days for front and back

I have a deck with 1.700 english words I want to learn. Since I come from Germany and want to learn both directions - German-English and English-German - I use the function of Anki that asks me both ways.

An example: English: “the car”, German “das Auto”. If Anki shows me “the car” and the answer is “das Auto” I don’t want Anki to ask me what “das Auto” is in English because I already thought about this word. Until now I did it manually: whenever I realized this problem, I manually changed the date of one of them, but there must be a smoother way.

if I understand correctly, what you want is “bury related new cards until the next day”, I believe it only works if those cards are from the same note


So @Ethem, the response from @4649ceynou means that you should have a single Anki Note that is reversible. If you have your data in a spreadsheet, then it is easy to do this. If you have manually created a second copy of your first list, but reversed the positions of the columns, you may just delete the second half. But if you have got any slight differences e.g. following on from your example: das Auto → the car, the car → der Wagen , then you will need to consolidate these cards in some way.

Create a new deck, add a column called “Add Reverse” that is either your final column or the penultimate column, if you have Tags as your final column. Then choose a Note Type that offers reversible. You will then get two cards created for each Note, one in each direction.