Review cards - Hanzi first


Current card reviews setting : ENGLISH first > then show HANZI & PINYIN.
Wanted card reviews setting : HANZI first > then show the answer in ENGLISH & PINYIN

My decks are in “Chinese Basic” if that can help.
How do I do ?

Thanks !

You can set this (Deck Options - Anki Manual) but you have to make sure that your cards are numbered in the intended order.

Hi, thank you for your answer.

I went on the link, and am not sure we are talking about the same thing.

My goal is :

  • Currently when learning, face A of my card is english / face B is the answer in Chinese
  • I would like it reversed when learning : face A in Chinese / Face B (answer) in english

Is that what you understood from my query ?

I understood that you have a note type with two cards. Currently the card type 1 (Englisch → Hanzi) is displayed first, but you want to see the card type 2 (Hanzi → English) first. In your card template you need to click Options → change position and make card type 2 → card type 1 and vice versa. When you set New Card Sort Order to Card type, you will then see all Hanzi → English cards first.



Thanks a lot for answering, I could figure it out from your answer and proceeded as follow.

I switched the code from Front>Back and Back>Front :

Thanks you very much ! Query resolved :clap: :pray:

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