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Hey Folks.

I have the following challenge for which I need your help.

I am trying to learn a language with Anki and would like the cards to be queried in both English German and English German.

I had tried it with setting the decks to " Simple - both ways ". However, I then had the problem that the cards were queried in German - English / English German one after the other and not mixed. I would like it so that one queries me first German English o. English German and only later vice versa.

How can I set this?

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance

Greetings, I am new to Anki and pretty much have the same issue (among others). Anki seems to overcomplicate things a bit…
Right now I get asked a german to english card and then the same thing english to german as the next card.
I presumed it has to do with the Deck options, section “new card” or “lapses” but that did not fix it.

Deck Options - Anki Manual → Display order

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You can also choose the Bury Siblings deck option, which will prevent, say, a German → English card to be shown until you have seen its English → German counterpart enough.

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Hi… Danke aber hab es tatsächlich nicht gefunden… kannst Du mir nochmal eine detaillierte Beschreibung geben? Wäre Dir sehr dankbar