Can the user control whether the English or Japanese is displayed

Hi. I’m new to Anki, so this may be a stupid question. I downloaded a Genki I slide deck and started using them. The deck is set up to display the Japanese and the answer is in English. I’d like to have the Q be in Japanese and the answer in English. Is there an easy way to reverse the presentation? Thanks in advance for any response.

Edit > Cards to open the card template and use the Flip button at the bottom of the screen.


Thank you. This video is very helpful. I went to Edit > Cards to open the card template and discovered that the English is on the front of the card and the Japanese on the back. Using the cards a little more, I realized that Anki is sometimes displaying the back first and sometimes the front first in what appears to be a random manner. Is there any way I can control this? I’d prefer to do all English to Japanese first and then flip them and do it the other way around.

It looks like the note type contains more than one card type.

One of the card types can be removed using Options.

But since you want to flip them later, it might be better either


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