Wanted to flip deck, but now it's all messed up! Please help!

I have some decks where the English sentences were being displayed first, but I wanted the Japanese sentences to appear first. I clicked “Edit” then “Cards…” and then “Flip.” However, it didn’t change anything and then when I hit “Flip” a second time, now it’s only English on both sides! I deleted all the decks and redownloaded them and it’s still like this. Please help!

Maybe try deleting {{Back}} from the Front Template and write {{Front}} instead

If this does not fix it, please post a screenshot of your Back Template


Oh my god, what a lifesaver you are, thank you!! The only problem now though is that the Japanese audio won’t appear and only the English audio appears. Any chance you know how to fix that as well?

Try going to the Front Template and add {{Audio}}
(Writing it in place of the 2nd or 3rd <br> would probably yield the most visually appealing result)


I wish I could give you a hug haha. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it!!

Ahah, np. I suggest reading the manual when you’ll have time, it’s full of useful informations.