Every deck I download has the front and back reversed on every card

I’ve been spending the last two days trying to figure this out on both desktop and through the iOS app. I’ve seen many similar posts and questions online about swapping the front and backs of cards, but anything I’ve tried so far either does nothing at all, or just destroys the whole deck. This seems like something that would be a basic feature of any flashcard tool, let alone the fact that I would expect the decks I download to display in the way they’re intended in the first place. Is there any actual way to deal with this?

I had a look at your AnkiWeb collection - are you talking about your Chinese deck? If you want to see the hanzi on the front and the reading on the back instead, you’ll need to adjust your card template. You can do this by tapping on the cog in the bottom right while reviewing, then scrolling down to Card Template. You’ll then need to adjust the front and back sides to contain the fields you want. If you just want to flip everything, copy&paste the front side text into the back, and vice versa - just make sure you leave {{FrontSide}} on the back.

If that doesn’t explain it, please provide some more screenshots or details about the problem you’re having.

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