Anki cards in the incorrect orientation

Hey everyone. I am having a huge problem right now with my anki cards and I’m not sure why or how to fix it. The cards I made are showing from the back (the answer) first and then the front (the question). Also, I have already gone through a few cards and marked them as easy so that I can review them in 2 days, however it keeps only showing me the cards I have already gone through and when I click to review them in a few days again it is making the number of new cards I haven’t seen yet go down. I didn’t press any buttons out of the ordinary, it happened as I was going through the deck. Please help if you can, I would really appreciate it!

Perhaps you have added cards to the Basic (and reversed) notetype, which creates cards in both directions. If so, you can select the cards in the Browse screen, and use Notes>Change Notetype to convert them to one-way cards.