Separate study sessions for Forward and Reverse Cards, same Deck

Goal is to be able to study Deck as both Forward and Reverse card types. Only Forward or Reverse at one time, not both in the same Study session.

I understand that for any given Note I can have more than one Card defined. E.g. Card 1, Card 2, etc.

When I create additional Cards for a Note, then Study will show Notes as randomly different created Cards types. E.g. both forward and reverse types, in the same study session.

How to study a Deck with only one Card type? E.g. One study session for Card 1 (forward), another study session for Card 2 (reverse)?

Ideally I would have two differently named Decks in the main Decks GUI, same data in both, but with different Card types.

My current method is to define two Cards, one for forward, one for reverse. Then edit the Card Type of all the Notes in the Deck each time I want to switch.

Is there a way to have two (or more) “virtual” decks, using the same Notes, but different Card types?

Alternately, is it possible to copy all Notes from one Deck to another? Seems Anki only wants unique Notes, identical Notes are not accepted, even in different Decks? But I don’t really want to maintain two identical Decks, even if it’s an option.

Any other ideas for easy way to do this?

You can move cards from the same note to different decks. In the browser (card mode), select all your “card 1” cards (search for card:1) and then Cards > Change deck

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Thank you for the idea, and the link!

So, two methods.

  1. Keep all the Notes in one Deck, change Card type for all the Notes in that Deck to switch between forward and reverse.

  2. Create second Deck, assign forward Card type to one Deck and reverse Card type to second Deck. Then move all the Notes between the two Decks to change study forward and reverse.

Seems there is no way to maintain all the Notes in two Decks simultaneously, all the Notes have to be changed in one way or another to change their Card type.

Considering my Deck has many sub-Decks, I’ll stick with method of changing all Notes to different Card type, keeping them in the same Deck.

Any other ideas are appreciated.

Method 1 is a bad idea for a number of reasons. Number 2 is the way to go, but not as you describe (you are making wrong assumptions about how notes / cards work.)

Assuming your Cards Types are Card 1 (Front>Reverse) and Card 2 (Reverse>Front):

  1. If you have all your cards in say, Deck1, create a new deck, Deck2. Forget about notes, we are going to move the cards.
  2. Browser, search for "deck:Deck1" card:2
  3. Edit > Select all
  4. Cards > Change Deck
  5. Select Deck2 > Move cards

Done. Now your Card1 cards will be on Deck1 and all your Card2 cards will be on Deck2, and you will see the same notes on both decks.
Note: if you have many subdecks in Deck1, then you need to recreate the same subdeck structure in Deck2 and move the cards to the apropriate subdecks.

Another way of doing what you want is tu use filtered decks: Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

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Thank you for the suggestions!

I’m interested in why “Method 1 is a bad idea”, it seems to okay.

I’m more interested in creating two Decks with the same content but different cards.

I tried your suggestion. At first I was not able to get it to work.

Then I discovered that in the browser, I need to flip the switch from Notes (default) to Cards. Only then do the cards show as separate line items. Then your technique worked.

Also I see I can create a top Deck with two sub Decks, one forward, one reverse. So I can study forward only, reverse only, or (with top Deck) both forward and reverse at the same time.

I note if I edit a Note in one e.g. forward Deck, it also changes the content in the other e.g. reverse Deck.

Now I understand that while Notes are unique, Cards are the implementation of Notes and can be different. Cards are defined by their Templates. This was not clear to me before.

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