Searching with "-introduced:1" term not behaving as expected, filtering too many out

Results from searches on my collection:

"deck:my deck" is:review rated:2 -is:learn - 634 cards selected
"deck:my deck" introduced:1 - 10 cards selected
"deck:my deck" is:review rated:2 -is:learn -introduced:1 - 10 cards selected

I would expect from the last search at least 624 cards selected: 634-10=624. But it swipes out almost all of the results.
Tested on 2.1.56 Qt6 on both Windows and MacOS.

EDIT I have even simpler example. My collection has over 18.5k cards.

introduced:1 - 34 cards selected. This works properly.
-introduced:1 - 27 cards selected. Way too few IMHO. At first glance it looks, like it selects cards, that were studied today, but introduced earlier. Which is not exactly reversal of the flag.

Has been reported here and is being dealt with:


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