How to see how many new cards you've done today?

I wanted to see how many just new cards (not review cards or learning) I have done per day?

On Anki Desktop Version 2.1.45+ go to the Browser, toggle the notes/cards switch to “cards”, and type the following in the search bar:


You can find more information about how to search things in the documentation.


If you always forget the search term, you can tap on the computer version of the browsing window, often point a little bit of the left side of the preset filter conditions, usually modified to self-use, combined with Ctrl Shift Alt can also realize the compound search.

I did that and it didn’t pop up.
I went to the deck, then clicked browse, made sure that “c” was selected for cards, then typed in introduced:1 and it was empty, but I did do some new cards so it should’ve popped up, but didn’t.

However, when I typed introduced:2 or introduced:365, the cards popped up. When I did 1 nothing happened.

Mhh thats very odd. When you just learned some new cards they should pop up in the search with introduced:1. I’ve just checked again and it does work on my Machine™.

To start debugging, learn some new cards, sync, log into your account on, go to “search” and type in “introduced:1”.

If that works, then follow the steps described in the FAQs to see if that makes it work for your desktop Version.

Also, make sure to only type in “introduced:1”, and not, for e.g., deck:mydeck or anything like that.

I don’t how or what exactly happened, but it started to work now. Thank you

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