PLEASE help. Want to see unseen cards

I am new to Anki and am currently using it to study for an exam which I have in 2 weeks. I am so stressed as I am struggling to use it.

I want to see my unseen cards. I have seen many places that you type is:new.

When I do this in 8000 cards it says 0 of 0 cards. I just want to see the cards I haven’t studied. I have the due date add on and think I’ve gone really wrong somewhere. I have the latest update.

I’m dying to work out how to use it properly as I spend all my days grappling with Anki rather than taking in any information. I am technologically incompetent so in retrospect it may have been better to choose a more user friendly platform but as it is all my cards are here and I just want to study them. If anyone can help me I will be so happy.

Settings + add-ons in screenshots. Trying to cram lots of cards in week before exam.

You could try using a Filtered deck. To create one, go to the main window and press F (or go to Tools > Create Filtered Deck)

Then use these settings:

  • search is:new
  • limit to 9999
  • cards selected by: your choice (e.g., Random)
  • Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck: yes

If this does not fix it and/or you need further help, please ask!

Hi thanks so much for responding. When I do this it says no cards match my search. But I know I haven’t ever studied even half of them

If you go to the Browser and search is:new what do you see?

0 cards

If you only typed is:new (without any other text. E.g. not like in your screenshot, where the query is "deck:Clinical Sciences" is:new) that should mean there are no more new cards in your collection.

Maybe it has something to do with the add-on Deadline2. I’ll now do some testing.
Edit: the add-on seems to only give you an estimate of how many cards you need to study, and doesn’t appear to directly affect the collection, so it is probably not the culprit.

I’m not sure as I’m so convinced some decks I have never even looked at. I’m not sure what the culprit is for this but I don’t know how I can rectify it realistically. Do you know of a way to study the ‘least seen’ cards. So ones I haven’t studied as much.

To achieve that, you can create a filtered deck with this search filter: introduced:3, which will include all the cards that were first studied in the last 3 days.
You could also use rated:3 which will give you all the cards that were studied (either for the first or the nth time) in the last 3 days.

By the way, if you want, you could upload a copy of your collection to some file sharing site like Gofile - Your all-in-one storage solution and then send it to me in a private message, so that I can take a direct look at it and try to understand what’s going on.

To export your collection go to File > Export

Ok how shall I send it to you? I’d appreciate that so much

I sent you a private message, you can reply me there.

Where did you get the decks? Did you create them yourself, or download them from someone else.

It’s possible that you imported the other user’s study history.

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