How can I browse through all the new cards and review cards I need to study today?

I just want to take a look, not actually study them yet. When I’m in the browse interface and click “Today” to filter, I can’t see the new cards I’m supposed to learn today. It seems like “Today” only shows the cards that I’ve studied before and need to review。 When I use “is:due” to search, it still shows the cards that I have already learned, but not the new cards that Anki has prepared for me to learn today。

Does anyone know how to do this?

I don’t think it’s possible.
Consider the following scenario: you have a parent deck and a subdeck. On each, you set different “New card gather order”. If you study a parent deck you can get a different set of new cards than if you study only a subdeck. Moreover, if you study a little of both final situation may depend even on which you studied first.
Because of all of these different possibilities and scenarios, it’s not possible to simply get all new cards for a day in the browser.

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