Search flag for filtering all new cards of the deck that are due today

I want to create a filtered deck that will give me X random cards from my main deck that are due today, including all new cards.

But this does not appear to be an option. I can use “is:due” flag, but this will only include reviews, not new cards.

To complicate things further, my main deck consists of several subdecks and new cards are first fetched from subdecks in alphabetical order and then randomly inside subdecks, so I cannot just create a rule that will fetch first 10 new cards for example.

Any chance such flag could get added?

Anki has a powerful search engine: Searching - Anki Manual
It sounds like you are looking for the expression is:due or is:new.

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is:new will return all new cards, not just the one that are due.

New cards aren’t due, the ones you see when studying a deck are fetched accordingly to the deck’s options. It’s different for review cards, which have a fixed due date associated with them. A search keyword for “due” new cards would not work.
The usual way to get all the new cards you would see in a regular deck in a filtered deck, is to use the second filter with is:new and mimic the limit and order settings of the regular deck.
This approach is not as flexible as the nested deck options of your regular deck hierarchy of course.


Right, that is why this is a suggestion to add a new flag that will search for a “new cards that should be studied today accordingly to the deck’s options”

I’m just curious. Why not simply studying a X number of cards of your deck?

From what I see, there is no counter telling me “You studied X cards so far”. So this is the next best option. Plus it auto stops me.

If all you want to do is to study a X number of cards a day, I would simply set the “Max reviews a day” to X.

You don’t really need filtered decks for that.

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I don’t want to study X number of cards for the whole day.

My goal here is to split my review time into smaller chunks, across the whole day.

So, for example, instead of having one big review a day, I would have several smaller reviews. Filtered deck allows me to reload the deck and perform a small review. Then I just reload the deck again on next review.