Filtered deck with cards already seen due for review

Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I am quite new to anki and I need some clarification about the various flags. I need to create a filtered deck to use on mobile when I am on the go. Since I cannot learn new cards without a book or my computer I wanted to have a deck with the cards that are due to be repeted, however I don’t know what is the flag that needs to be used in this case. Is it “is due”?

However my most compelling issue regards ordering. Will the card from the filtered deck mantain the same order of the main deck? Can I put the card back to the main deck? And will the card that are put back in the main deck keep the original order? Thanks

You may find it easier to just adjust the daily limit of new cards - you can set to 0 to prevent new cards from showing, then increase it again when you’re ready to study the cards. A filtered deck with is:due should also do what you want though.

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