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Hello there,

I just downloaded a deck of about 1000 cards. My daily new card limits is set to 20.

Is there a way for me to preview new cards that will be due the next day ( I tried the custom study options–> preview new cards–> preview new cards added in the last one day–> the program generated all the new cards for me)? Or does anki just randomly generate a set of new cards by 12 am, so there is no way for me to preview them? Thank you!

The order is set, so you can filter for specific due dates.
Type the following into the browser search bar: "prop:due=1"

All cards that are due on the next day (or any other day you set with that number) will be shown. You can preview them with the browser preview window.

You can also order the whole deck by due date. Just right-click the top bar and select due as category:

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Hey, thanks so much. I did try that function but all it showed me was the card that I will be reviewing tomorrow instead of the new cards I will be learning. Any idea to triage this? Thank you.

While I can’t think of a way to do this with only a search query, you could search for "is:new" and use the browser’s sorting functionality like this:


You’ll be presented with all new cards though, but you could just look at the top 20.

The option “Preview New cards” → “… cards added in the last x-days” is buggy – we can not control the number of cards to preview.
The workaround is to add a new deck ; move 20 cards there.
Now make a Custom deck → Preview… ->9999.

A better option is a Filtered deck, see–>