How can I see the new cards due today or tomorrow in the Anki browser?

Hello, I’d like to see the new cards I will see during the day or tomorrow in order to study them in the browser before I review them. is:due only shows the cards I already reviewed, I only want to see the new due cards.

The problem is that is:due doesn’t show new cards

You can use the following filter for that:

prop:due=0 is:new

Replace 0 with 1 to see the new due cards for tomorrow or any other number of days.

That’s not correct - there is no search filter that will limit new cards to the ones that will be presented that day. If you have Anki set to show cards in added order, you could click on the Due column and look at the cards at the top of the list however.

I get a blank browser, no cards

As Dae said, that’s not correct. You can use the filter “is:new” and then simply click on the “Due” column:

If you want to change that order, you can:

  • Select the cards you want > right button > reposition.

Ok, I hoped there was some way to filter the new cards