Problem with Anki audio

I have always had audio problems with anki I don’t know what to try anymore, from the desktop version the audio of the decks is not reproduced, I have tried everything, uninstall anki, change deck, change profile, but when I start an audio I click not it reproduces me nothing and closes me anki, has this identical problem already happened to someone and knows how to solve it? i also tried multiple versions of anki but nothing.

I can’t very helpful (audio has always worked well for me), but if you provide more details about your problem (Anki version, operating system, possible error messages, type of audio being used -mp3, TTS-, screenshoot of your card template…) or even share a sample card, your chances of getting help are going to be much higher. :slight_smile:


Anki Version 2.1.48
Os Windows 11 Pro 21H2
I use mp3 files or at least I think, I use the core2000 deck but no audio starts, and I have not received error messages in the latest version, instead in the previous ones I often received errors regarding the video drivers

Assuming audio is working properly in other programs, have you tried with Ankiweb? Have you tried starting Anki without addons?

Other things you can try:

  • Tools > Check media
  • Check that your mp3 file is not corrupted (edit the card and lookf for the file in your media folder)
  • Check if the built in TTS is working: Field Replacements - Anki Manual
  • Update your sound drivers

I checked on tools and check media and it tells me missing files 0 and files unused 0 I don’t understand what it means, as far as the integrity of the mp3 is concerned I didn’t understand where to see them and i don’t use tts audio,only mp3 in the deck, I have already tried to update all drives, trying on anki droid and anki web the audio plays correctly, I tried even without addons re-installing anki from 0 deleting all the files in the pc but it didn’t work anyway

ok I also checked the audio folder of the mp3 of the deck, but all work perfectly, only on anki the sound is not reproduced


  • Try the add-on No Sound Fix (libmpv) - AnkiWeb

  • Follow this reply to play the audio file with mpv using drag-and-drop from the folder and using the debug console

    No sound comes out - #4 by kelciour

  • Follow this reply to tell mpv to create a log file. There’s no need to install the add-on, another one, mentioned in the reply. Maybe the log file will reveal something useful.

    Anki 2.1.33 Linux audio stops working - #2 by kelciour

    Or maybe download the latest mpv version (“mpv-x86_64-20211003-git-5304e9f.7z”) from mpv player (Windows) - Browse /64bit at and copy-replace mpv.exe,, d3dcompiler_43.dll to C:\Program Files\Anki. Then open the Command Prompt (“cmd.exe”) and start mpv from cmd this way (copy-paste the command and press Enter), then start Anki, review a card with the audio and check the console output.

    "C:\Program Files\Anki\" -v --idle --force-window=no --ontop --audio-display=no --keep-open=no --autoload-files=no --gapless-audio=no --input-media-keys=no --input-ipc-server=ankimpv