Audio Playback Issue on Anki

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I am in the process of moving my courses from Memrise to Anki. However, I’ve run into a problem: Initially, when I add an audio file, it plays correctly upon addition (see screenshot 1). However, when I start studying my deck, the audio does not play (see screenshot 2). Can anyone shed any light on this? My system is running Windows 11 and Anki version 23.12.1.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Thanks a lot!

What do your card templates look like? Adding a file to the note is step 1, but to get it to show up on your cards, you need to add the field to your templates as well. Field Replacements - Anki Manual

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@Danika_Dakika woah thank you, the solution was that easy! This was my card template:

<b>Note:</b> {{Notes}}

Adding the {{Audio}} field to the card template allowed the audio file to play automatically.

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