Audio doesn't play with card type "easy, type answer"

Same problem on Anki Desktop & AnkiMobile

Dear Anki Team,

I have checked your FAQ and your forum but unfortunately didn’t find any solution. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Anki - without success.

On my laptop Windows 10, I use Anki Version 2.1.35. I have created cards (einfach, Antwort eintippen = easy, type answer) and added an audio for the back side. I hear the audio after recording the audio properly. But when I learn and type the solution and press enter, I do get the answer but don’t hear the audio. When I then check if there is any audio, I do find the audio where I have put it (= on the back side). I have deleted some of these cards and have created them again with the same result. I have also bought the app for my IPad 11 Pro and synced it with the same results.

Here are the screenshots:

Could you please help? Thank you!

Kind regards,

Please click on the Fields button and add another field, then insert the sound into the separate field. You can then open the Cards button and put that {{Field}} somewhere on your card template to have the audio play during review.

Thank you very much! Problem is solved!