Audio not playing


I have an issue that cards audio is not playing at all in Anki (pressing R has no effect).

But when I drag the audio files (such as the one in the screenshot) manually in mpv.exe it works perfectly. So I don’t know what to do. Any help is appreciated.

For the audio to play during review, you must put the field with the audio on your front or back template.

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Thanks but could you be more specific ? What do I exactly need to add to my template ?
For example what should I add to have audio playing on this card ?

You could create a new field called “Pronunciation” under Editor > Fields. Then you move the sound reference ([sound:...]) into this Pronunciation field, and add this field ({{Pronunciation}}) to the card template, next to {{furigana:Reading}}.


It works !! I did what you said and I just had to regenerate all audio into the right field, and it’s perfect. Thanks, I would never have figured it out alone.

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