Anki Desktop 2.1.44 - Card not playing audio

Hi, I just got Anki a few days ago and have been trying to make cards with audio. I can add the audio fine, and when I add the file it is played back to me. Once it is actually added to the card, I can’t get it to play. Not when it comes up in reviews, not when I open the preview, and not when I click the replay audio button on the card.

I am on Windows 10, and have tried Anki versions 2.1.44, 2.1.40 and 2.1.32
Here is the card in browse view, and the preview.

Here is the text from mpv.log

[1043.383][v][cplayer] mpv 0.33.0 Copyright © 2000-2020 mpv/MPlayer/mplayer2 projects
[1043.383][v][cplayer]  built on Sun Dec  6 10:03:04 +08 2020
[1043.383][v][cplayer] FFmpeg library versions:
[1043.384][v][cplayer]    libavutil       56.62.100
[1043.384][v][cplayer]    libavcodec      58.114.100
[1043.384][v][cplayer]    libavformat     58.64.100
[1043.384][v][cplayer]    libswscale      5.8.100
[1043.384][v][cplayer]    libavfilter     7.92.100
[1043.384][v][cplayer]    libswresample   3.8.100
[1043.384][v][cplayer] FFmpeg version: git-2020-12-05-89e3f5ab
[1043.384][v][cplayer] Configuration: /home/shinchiro/build64/packages/mpv-stable-prefix/src/mpv-stable/waf configure --enable-static-build --enable-pdf-build --disable-manpage-build --enable-libmpv-shared --enable-lua --enable-javascript --enable-sdl2 --enable-libarchive --enable-libbluray --enable-dvdnav --enable-uchardet --enable-rubberband --enable-lcms2 --enable-openal --enable-spirv-cross --enable-vulkan --enable-vapoursynth --prefix=/home/shinchiro/build64/install/mingw
[1043.385][v][cplayer] List of enabled features: asm build-date cplayer cuda-hwaccel cuda-interop d3d-hwaccel d3d11 d3d9-hwaccel debug-build direct3d dos-paths dvdnav egl-angle egl-angle-win32 egl-helpers ffmpeg ffnvcodec gl gl-dxinterop gl-dxinterop-d3d9 gl-win32 glob glob-win32 gpl iconv javascript jpeg lcms2 libarchive libass libavdevice libbluray libm libmpv-shared libplacebo lua luajit mingw noexecstack openal optimize plain-gl posix-or-mingw rubberband sdl2 sdl2-audio sdl2-gamepad sdl2-video shaderc shaderc-static sixel spirv-cross spirv-cross-static static-build stdatomic uchardet vapoursynth vulkan wasapi win32-desktop win32-internal-pthreads zimg zlib
[1043.385][v][cplayer] Set property: log-file="C:\\Users\\fernd/Desktop/mpv.log.txt" -> 1

Thanks in advance for any help!

Does your back template include {{audio}} ?


Wow, don’t know how I missed that crucial step. Thanks a bunch!