Audio not playing on cards

I’m using anki on windows,version 2.1.29, i have my decks, but audio files don’t play for some reason. After going through many cards, audio worked only 1-2 times for me, and i don’t know how to fix this. In Windows audio manager, when audio is played, it shows that it’s actually being played with mpv, but i don’t hear the sound.

If you don’t get any other suggestions, you can try the alternate Anki version, which does not use mpv.

Maybe try to install Anki 2.1.32 and update to the latest mpv version by downloading from and copying everything to C:\Program Files\Anki to replace mpv.exe. Then restart Anki.

By Windows audio manager do you mean the volume mixer? The green bars show that the audio is being played by mpv and can be heard with headphones. Does it work, i.e. you could see the green bar and hear the sound, if you press R or click the replay button in Anki.



If you could give me link to than version i’d really appreciate that.

Yes, audio mixer. Green bar shows that audio is playing, but i don’t hear the sound. I downloaded latest version of mpv, but still don’t hear the sound. Green bar is moving though.

Maybe try to update or install the sound card driver.

Could you reproduce it with the same file and without Anki? If there’s no sound, try to restart Anki and review the same card again just to make sure that there’s still no sound. Then locate the audio file in the folder and play the audio file by drag-and-dropping it to mpv.exe in C:\Program Files\Anki.

According to Google, maybe something wrong with the sample rate. If there’s no sound, open the Debug Console in Anki, temporarily set audio-samplerate to 48000, i.e. copy-paste the code and press Ctrl+Enter, and click the audio play button to see if it works or not.

import os

from aqt import mw
from aqt.sound import mpvManager

mpvManager.set_property('audio-samplerate', '48000')
print('audio-samplerate:', mpvManager.get_property('audio-samplerate'))

Maybe take a look at the green bars in the Sound Control Panel, just to make sure that the audio is playing with the correct playback device.


Could you reproduce it with the same file and without Anki?
Yes, i plays with windows media player. But, i guess i found the core of the problem, its the mpv. I dragged same file that i played with wmp to mpv, and there was no sound.

doesn’t work as well.

Tried installing alternate version that works with mpplayer, it’s same issue. Shows in volume mixer that audio is played, but no sound.

Maybe the console output will contain some useful information.

  1. Press Win-R, type cmd and press Enter.
  2. Type cd C:\Program Files\Anki and press Enter.
  3. Type mpv -v, press Space, drag-and-drop the audio file to the console window and press Enter.
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did this, also no sound.
Is there version of anki that uses normal windows media player?

Will try to update my audio drivers, i’ll tell if theres any results.

Updated drivers, and now it works. Case closed :slight_smile: