Audio not playing in this one deck

On my Anki version (24.04) I have two premade decks. The first has audio and they play fine. I started adding audio to the other one but when I review the cards on ankiweb or desktop they don’t play. It also doesn’t play when I preview a card, so it might be a card design problem but I’m not sure.

So far I have:
Updated mpv.exe
Checked windows sound mixer (says it should be playing)
Checked my addons if they are interfering
Updated sound drivers
Fixed sample rate in the debug console

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Also, sorry if I missed some basic feature and let me know if more info is needed.

Pick a card that has this issue –

  • What is in that audio field for that note?
  • What is on the front/back template for that card?

in the audio field (labelled “VocabAudio”) is something in the format of: [sound:十日_トーカ━_0_NHK-2016.ogg]

on the front is a field called “word”, the back contains a field for “definition” and “pronounciation”

You need to add a Field Replacement to your template to add the “VocabAudio” field – Field Replacements - Anki Manual – wherever you want the audio play button to appear. For an example, you can also see how they did it in the other deck you have where the audio works.

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Thank you, I didn’t realize that this was something I had to do!

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