Anki isn't playing audio of cards I've specifically created

The audio on other decks I’ve downloaded, that others have made, work perfectly - but the audio on my own crafted cards doesn’t work! The audio of other-made cards plays perfectly on AnkiDesktop & AnkiDroid (which I use); my cards don’t sound on either.

I’ve tried to compare + contrast any difference, but I can’t detect any. Both of these audio files can be found in the folder, with the exact same names, but mine simply doesn’t work:

If I play the audio of the other-made card, I can see MPlayer pop up on my computer’s Volume Mixer. I can replay the audio via the R key and the same thing happens - success. With my own original cards, no sound plays; no audio playing program shows up on my Volume Mixer; and nothing happens when I try to replay audio via the R key.

I’ve tried both creating my own original audio files & generating audio files via AwesomeTTS. While files created by both methods are recognized by audio players if I manually drop them in and will sound in them without issue, they don’t play in Anki.

I’m really at a loss as to what’s happening. I haven’t been able to find anything online on this specific situation; I’ve uninstalling & reinstalling Anki; using an older version; reinstalling mpv and mplayer but nothing has worked so far. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Does {{Back}} appear in your card template?

You are my savior - adding that worked! Sorry for a such a silly issue but I’m so glad that it’s fixed now.