Can't play the audio on my cards

I just recently downloaded the MIA Japanese add-on and I’ve been trying to use all of its features, but since I’ve never used Anki’s audio features I’m having trouble making it work even though I have seen videos and guides on the audio both from the add-on and directly from Anki (at least I managed to transfer the audio files to Anki.) Whenever I put anything on the audio field and create a card the sound doesn’t play when I click on the play button.

If you locate the audio files in your media folder, do they play with an external app? What happens if you drag one of the files onto mpv.exe in Anki’s program folder?

The audio files play perfectly when I open them outside Anki. Same thing for when I drag the files onto the mpv.exe in Anki’s folder.

What does Tools>Check Media report? What happens if you add media files manually, instead of via the add-on?

When I check media report it says “The following files are referenced by cards, but were not found in the media folder: Missing: ⁨人.yomi00043016_04C4.mp3⁩” even though all the sound files are where I was instructed to put them (C:\Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\ Anki2\addons21\278530045\user_files.). And when I put the sound file manually it doesn’t work either.

That’s not the correct location for Anki to be able to find them; they should be in your media folder. This seems like an issue with the add-on you’re using, so the add-on author is the best person to speak to about the issue.

Yeahh I figured… I copied the sound files to c:\Anki2\ (because you mentioned the media files) and it actually played the sound files on the cards both on the desktop version and on the mobile version. I don’t know if that’s the best way to do it but it’s working. Also I don’t know why the addon guide said to put the files on that folder. Anyways thanks for helping me with finding the folder I should put the sound files on :))