Only front audio is playing

Hello, iv been having some troubles with my audio files. for some resone only the audio at the front of the card is playing and displayed. All i want to do is to have both audio files working and potintally having the back end one play when i reveal the answer

what i input:

what it display’s:


If your card type is “Basic (type in the answer)” just add third field for the second sound file

hey ,thanks for the help. so yes the type is"basic (type in the answer)", iv tried to adda a third field for the audio but it does not apper. furthermore even when i put text in that third filed it doesnt apper.

You need to add the field in the card template as well for it to appear in the review window.

im quite new to anki, but i think thats what i did and it still does not show

and this is the resault

Please, put file a27.mp3 also to second field

You need to do this as well:



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Worked like a charm. Thank you so much!