Need help with audio on Anki desktop AND droid

I’m new here, I have never had any issues with anki so I am at a loss on how to fix this. I have been using Anki for language learning. I have never created cards or decks on my own. My tutor created all decks with audio for her students. She recently added new decks for me and none of the audio will work on the app or on the website. On android I get an error message: Card Content Error: Failed to load ‘rec1670859370.mp3’. On desktop I get no error, the audio just doesn’t play. All the previous decks I have work just fine.

Things I have attempted over the past week:
Updated the app.
Updated my browser.
Updated both phone and computer.
Checked audio settings and volume settings on both phone and computer.
Made sure everything was synced.
Contacted my tutor to see if there was a problem with the files (she said everything works on her end both app and web)
Checked manual and FAQ
Run a media check
Combed github for similar issues (found one: ‘failed to load googleapis.css’) but I don’t understand the instructions or if it would apply in this instance.

Please forgive my ignorance, I have never attempted to do this. I just want to study my French. :frowning:

If you create a new profile on the desktop and import the deck, do the audio files work? Does tools>check media report them as missing?

Getting same problem. Have imported a collection (Anki 2.1.61) into a new profile and some audio works but most doesn’t. The file names appear in the Fields (and the Fields are on the cards) but they won’t play. The media check says there are zero Missing Files but 633 unused files that “were found in the media folder, but do not appear to be used on any cards:”
Any help appreciated.

If you locate one of the files that fails to play in your media folder, and drag it onto c:\program files\anki\mpv.exe, does it play?

No, they don’t play. I’ve also discovered that others play but are truncated. It’s weird because in the original file there’s no problem.
And thanks for your time!

Have found a workaround so no worries. Thanks

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