Making Flashcards on Wikipedia using AI

Catchy title, right?

Hi, I just learned a trick to make flashcards in Wikipedia using AI while following Effective Learning: Twenty Rules of Formulating Knowledge

1. Install Wikihand

There will be changes to wikipedia (appearance → more organized and easier to read)

2. Research the topic you are studying in English (See FAQ below)

3. Show all questions

4. Copy&Paste to Anki


Wikipedia isn’t reliable to study my topic or in general

Wikipedia is generally considered to be a reliable source of information. It is written and edited by volunteers from around the world, and its articles are subject to review by other editors. The accuracy of Wikipedia’s content has been studied extensively, with studies showing that it is comparable in accuracy to traditional encyclopedias such as Encyclopedia Britannica. However, there have been some cases where inaccurate or biased information has been published on Wikipedia, so it should not be used as an authoritative source for important topics without further research.
-From one of the AI briefs of Reliability of Wikipedia - Wikiwand

Honest opinion:

When studying using AI, MedicalSchoolGPT or ChatGPT prompts, they shouldn’t be used as a primary way of learning, it is a tool to make flashcards quicker → they should be reviewed with your studying material (lecture/textbook/courses…)

Who writes the article summaries?

Where does the content for AI briefs_comes from?

Why use english wikipedia pages

  1. English pages tends to be more richer in content and more extensive than non-english pages because there are more contributors helping it
  2. Wikiwand Ai seems more likely to appear in english pages than the latter
    e.g Studying Biofilms


Biofilm - Wikiwand


Biofilme - Wikiwand

ayo, what if: Pop-up Wikipedia (Beta) - AnkiWeb + Wikiwand AI :eyes:

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Vou escrever em português por ora, por questões de comodidade e discussão, posteriormente irei traduzir meus comentários.

  1. eu concordo sobre Wikipedia ser uma fonte confiável, há muito preconceito sobre o tema e parece que as pessoas tem um conceito deturpado à respeito.

  2. o que eu vejo de limitação é o fator de não poder abranger outros tópicos ou manejos especificos. No meu caso, a medicina. O Wikipedia se limita demais nesse contexto, por exemplo. Em um futuro próximo, ao treinar uma IA com esse recurso, seria realmente util. Acredito que há um projeto do @glutanimate chamado rhodopsin. Queria muito saber sobre novidades

Alem disso, tem esse rapaz Hiring a developer for Readwise -> GPT -> Anki addon (partially developed already)

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