Hiring a developer for Readwise -> GPT -> Anki addon (partially developed already)


I’m working on an addon that takes highlights from Readwise and generates flashcards for them using GPT.

I have a prototype here: git dot smoothbrain dot ai
But I have other commitments that are making it slow to work on.

Would anyone who has experience in making Anki addons be able to help me with this?

The things I would need done:

  • Improve performance when generating cards.
  • Update note type to have all the fields from Readwise, not just the ai-generated flashcard.
  • A way in the card editor to re-generate cards and pick from ten different options.
  • A way to intercept when a user suspends/deletes/regenerates/rewrites a card and send it to a backend (for fine-tuning. This can just be a button to begin with).
  • Other UX enhancements like better exception handling (with instructions on how to create a ticket), etc…
  • Probably additional work in the future.

This will be paid work. Please include an estimate of how much you would like to charge. Note that as a developer myself, I will treat you fairly.

Please email alex at alexbowe dot com with any examples of prior Anki development work.