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Hey hey,
are ther any addons working with ChatGPT? I coudn’t find any.
Ideas would be (1) automatically changing cards over night, that cards stay exciting and you can’t remeber the solution with a formulation of a sentence as a cue, wich is not good. Another idea would be (2) that ChatGPT could sort the cards according to ther level of details, that you can learn the card wich give you an overview first and afterwards, maybe the next day the special details (learning would be much more fun and become more easy to learn and less abstract, that you keep the bigger picture in mind, when you learn a special mini details.

I’m looking forward to your opinion and maybe someone already knows an addon. Thank you for your time in advance!

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There are


idea (3): https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1781298089 (or any pdf add-on) + ChatGPT, the OpenAI would read page/s and would give suggestion for cards creation

in a way, would be like medicalschoolGPT mentioned above but for PDFs

previous title of the thread: (1) are there any ChatGPT Addons and (2) Two IDEAS for new addons

previous thread about chatGPT (might need to merge later)

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Someone made a recent addon. The description said “this was mostly done with chatGPT”.

So I asked chatGPT to make me an Anki addon that shows a cute cat picture every 15 cards and it gave me the code with instructions on how to make it work lmaoo
Right now I just asked chatGPT how the anki collection database works, what each table row/col represents, and it gave me a right answer.

The free version of ChatGPT only knows anki from 2.1.35. The code has changed a lot, unfortunately, to create ChatGPT anki addons. But I think it could just as easily be used to create an API add-on where I send some text, ChatGPT reads the text, makes these flashcards and sends back those flashcards. Apparently Polar PDF had this idea, but they disappeared. They even used OpenAI in this project.

On the other hand, if you are aware of the code and ask it to keep creating small fragments, you can speed up your process.

In addition, in the free version, errors have been appearing consistently regarding the creation of flashcards, creating sentences out of semantic order.

As ChatGPT plus finally arrived in Brazil, the plus common version still recognizes anki latest version as 2.1.35. For Turbo version, chatgpt turbo recognizes as 2.1.49.

I have so many shared decks on Anki, look what cool thing I just found:



Take this deck that I shared, for example:

Can you imagine how cool if each card had a button to view the detailed explanation of that sentence, the sentence that is in the front of the card? I’ll start working on this idea as soon as I can. (Even is ChatGPT’s accuracy’s still got ways to go, this seems to have potential.)

Is anyone interested in using chatgpt to verify your answers to the flashcard? The problem I face is that I sometimes “cheat” by not recalling all the points in the flashcard. I built a prototype telegram bot(gumino_mem_bot) that uses chatgpt to validate your answer and generate a score based on the accuracy of the answer. It also summarises the points that you might have missed out. Would love to get feedback on whether this approach is useful :smiley:

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zaoaq thats sound super interesting, where can someone find it and how is it integrated in anki? Do someone has to type it into telegram or with anki?

I use my IntelliFiller ChatGPT plugin specifically for that. I have a lot of sentences in my deck and I do batch processing in chatgpt to clarify the grammar points

Yup you can just search for the bot name on telegram: gumino_mem_bot

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I’ve made an app called FlashFlashCards(Mac/Windows) that lets you take screenshots or paste in text and generate cards from that.


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Hey Jonathan,

That’s a really interesting idea! As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any specific addons tailored for ChatGPT integration with Anki just yet. However, your suggestions could definitely enhance the learning experience.

For your first idea, automatically changing cards overnight to keep them exciting and prevent memorization sounds promising. It could help reinforce understanding rather than rote memorization, which is often more effective for long-term learning.

Your second idea about sorting cards by level of detail could also be very beneficial. Starting with an overview and then diving into specifics could indeed make learning more engaging and easier to grasp, allowing learners to maintain the bigger picture while delving into finer details.

While I don’t know of any addons that currently implement these functionalities, your suggestions could inspire developers to create such tools in the future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and contributing to the conversation!