Further Augmenting Long Term Memory - AnkiTutorGPT

Hey AnkiForums!

Lots of you have already been working on integrating ChatGPT into Anki Desktop client to help query cards.

I wanted to add to this by creating a specific tutor mode that could rewrite questions and then quiz me on recalling them.

I integrated that into the ChatGPT interface with some custom prompts on the GPT to act as an encouraging tutor.

I made a blog post explaining the rationale behind those prompts called Further Augmenting Long Term Memory on Substack, which has the links to the github where you can install it from.

TLDR: Flashcards have four downsides: prompt sensitisation, partial recall, lack of positive reinforcement, lack of embedding in new contexts.

AnkiTutorGPT acts to help you recall an entire flashcard of knowledge and then apply it in a new context whilst being encouraging!

I hope that people find this helpful - it is now the default way by which I revise text based flashcards! - and I look forward to seeing how you all integrate it further into Anki!


That sounds interesting, do you have a link to your blog or Github?

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I searched AnkiTutorGPT site:substack.com and Nothing. I also did a search with Further Augmenting Long Term Memory site:substack.com but once again nothing comes up. Google is unreliable so you should have posted a link to it. But then I also searched Github but no results. Did you not use the word AnkiTutorGPT?

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I’m getting “error occured you cannot include links” so adding the link with brackets in.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Oh yes, new users cannot add links.

For others, click here on this link to go to the blog.

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I see your post’s title comes from this michael person. I did encounter him while doing my searches.

where is the github?



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Yep! Very inspired by his original blog post :slight_smile:

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Ok so this is the github. Thanks!

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you mean something like i select an anki note/card, the GPT will re-write a similar card for me(“re-phased”)? multiplying my anki collection?

did i get it wrong? thx

It could do that - but in this case it is specifically optimised to have a discussion with you about that card. So it can re-write it (so that you don’t just learn a response to the original prompt) and then have a discussion with you about the content of the card.

It’s now my default way of reviewing text based cards!

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