Anki and Chat GPT-3

Not necessarily a suggestion, but a topic for us to discuss using ChatGPT and how it can benefit from Anki.

I wanted to discuss with you about the application of “Effective learning: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge”[Effective learning: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge - SuperMemo], in which Anki is bases, applied to AI technologies.
In my view, there is great potential for time reduction and large-scale application.

For example, I sent the first rule to ChatGPT to create flashcards. Check out some flashcards.

Flashcard 1:
Front: What is the problem with trying to learn things without understanding them?
Back: The problem is that it can take a lot of time and the value of the knowledge gained is negligible.

Flashcard 2:
Front: What is an example given in the text of trying to learn something without understanding it?
Back: The example given is trying to learn a German history textbook if you do not speak German.

Flashcard 3:
Front: Why is it important to understand the materials you are trying to learn?
Back: It is important because it can help you avoid wasting time on useless material and can help you to understand the context of the material.

Note that, personally, I still consider these answers to be long, but, following the concept of breaking terms, typical of the computing area (correct me if I’m wrong), this has great potential for education and learning. In addition to clear, you can order ChatGPT with short answers and more fragmented questions.

That said, I’d like to discuss this with you if possible.

Also note that it is possible to generate an add-on for Anki via ChatGPT, but it will only understand up to version 2.1.35