(Yet another) ChatGPT anki helper that adheres to the twenty rules of formulating knowledge

Hey everyone,

I know this isn’t the first post about ChatGPT-based solutions for writing Anki prompts, but I wanted to share something a bit different. While there are many tools out there, I’ve noticed that most of them don’t adhere to the twenty rules of formulating knowledge. In other words, even if they produce well-articulated prompts, they often produce terrible prompts.

I’ve developed a new helper tool that focuses exclusively on creating cloze deletion prompts, and it requires ChatGPT-plus. What sets it apart is its commitment to writing atomic, minimum-information prompts. Each cloze deletion is designed to include only the essential information, ensuring better retention and understanding.

This is version 1, and I consider it more of a beta release. I have no plans to monetize this tool—my goal is simply to make it as effective as possible. I’d love to get your feedback to help improve it - examples where this fails would be awesome!

If you’re interested, check it chatGPT’s under Anki Spaced Repetition (SRS) Helper
(Hope it’s ok to post a link in “dot” manner: chatgpt dot com/g/g-czxaKQHrz-anki-spaced-repetition-srs-helper)

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Hey. I believe this is something that I am in dire need of. The problem is ChatGPT does not accept payment by PayPal when I don’t have a credit card, which is quite weird.

Get one. Quite good if you can control yourself. (Sorry I don’t have a real solution; just a off the cuff remark)