Use Generative AI to generate flash cards!

Hi there!

actually, I’m an Android developer. I’m still studying so I use ChatGPT to generate MCQ or summarize lectures!, so I got an idea for Ankidroid about using ChatGPT API to take a lecture summarize it, and produce automatic flashcards with the lecture content !, I think this will be a great feature. I have no problem working on this.

I am not gonna stop you from doing it. It sounds like a great idea ! :slight_smile:

But there is already someone, who did this:

It’s an add-on called “AnkiBrain”.

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wow ! why is this not included on the android app?

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Because add-ons do not work across the platforms.
I don’t even know, if you really would be able to make it for ankidroid. But when you’re a developer, there is most likely a way to find out about it.
Surf the forum a little bit, maybe someone already wrote something about coding add-ons for ankidroid and how it is possible or not :slight_smile: !

I’m interested in working on this feature and delivering it to Android, I think using ChatGPT prompts will make it easier to extract flashcards and automatically generate them for Android.

but it will require a lot of details to discuss. it’s not about the code or something it’s about the UX and how to deliver that to a user.

It’s not possible as of now.

Add-on support will be added in the future as far as I know. If you wish, you can maybe work on that? I’m not one of the devs working for AnkiDroid so you might wish to ask them about this.

great I don’t have any problem collaborating on this!

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You might want to join the discord server! That’s where the AnkiDroid devs coordinate.

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thank you I’m already on that!