Anki addon required! <3

Hello fellow Anki-Users,

I am learning a lot big stack sets in anki (>200 a day). Sometimes i just need a day or two of, from learning, because with this amount of cards, the learning days are really long. Is someone out there who likes to write addons and could do me a favor and solve this problem for me and the community?:smiley:

The addon needs:
-The function to “pause” Anki for a number of chosen days
-All card repetitions just jump back one day
-When you activated the “pause” the amount of repetitions for today are the same as for tommorow etc.

If someone is out there who has some time and maybe the same need as me, I would really appreciate you!!

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I believe the FSRS4Anki Helper add-on has a feature that lets you postpone cards.

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Anki doesn’t have such a functionality built-in because that is not how brains and memory work. I'm going on vacation. Can I pause the scheduler? - Frequently Asked Questions

Even though the FSRS4Anki Helper has a postpone function, it’s use is cautioned.

There are other add-ons that will do bulk postpones for you too [deliberately not naming or linking], but I don’t think they are a good idea. It seems like a cosmetic “fix” to a real backlog problem. You’re not just postponing the cards due today and tomorrow – you’re moving your whole collection out 2 days. It might not matter much for a card that has a 60d interval, but it will matter a lot for a card with a 1d interval. If you make a habit of that, you could cause yourself more problems than you’re “fixing.”


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