Add-on-Anki Desktop suggestion: Interchanging Sets of Learning Steps

Following my previous suggestion:

I believe that an add-on that allows for the use of two (or more) different sets of learning steps for the learning phase (and also relearning) of new cards could be of massive help.

1-The sets of learning steps would be interchanged based on the difficulty of the cards,

2- The difficulty would be based on the number of lapses on a given day in the learning phase of that card. There is an add-on. namely Today again count which already counts the number of consecutive lapses within a day.

3-This allows for the use of a set with a very minimal amount of learning steps for easier cards (1-2 steps at maximum) which saves a lot of time.

4-For harder cards, a set with more intense learning steps could be used accordingly.

5-This add-on would work hand-in-hand with the already existing Today Again Count, and the suggested Lapse to Review Ratio add-on above.

I call Anki add-on developers here to use this as an idea

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