Different learning steps based on lapses


  • There is a problem what some cards are harder to memorize. I might happen, not because they are made worse than others, but just naturally it’s like that.
  • Therefore, those cards are often gone on 1,2,3 round of lapses.


  • Solution in my opinion is to let a user set different learning steps for a different N-amount of lapses.
    / Like separate re-learning steps for cards with lapses N and more. Like 3 and more lapses, cards would get and separate steps with option to change that N amount.

  • For example, in my largest deck with 50,000 of cards (English vocabulary) I have only 124 cards with 4 and more lapses. I would like to set a separate specific (re)learning steps for them.

  • At the same 50,000 deck I have 860 cards with 2 and more lapses, I would like to have a separate re-learning steps for them.

  • I think it would be simple to implement because it’s similar to already present different learning steps based on new/re-learned cards.

  • At the same time, I think it would be very valuable for anyone who use Anki as daily studying in order to learn something in more efficient way.
    / Because my default learning and relearning steps are 1h, and it works wonderful for me in most of my cards. But those small % of lapses destroy my studying session.
    // I think ability to add more details learning steps depend on such condition as lapses would improve efficiency of Anki studying. Not every card need prolonged in-day steps like 2h or more, and not all cards needs multiple learning steps. But those cards which require this might get that with learning steps based on amount of lapses.


  • Adding the ability to add separate learning steps for cards with N amount of lapses would be great. Like 3-rd learning steps option.
  • But I think it will be even better if user would be able to add a different learning steps for a different amount of lapses. Or create of a limit for that. For example, use might add 3,4,5 learning steps for a different lapse.
  • That function might be “hidden” under advanced features.


  • Basically, my suggestion is to add another type of re-learning steps. For cards with N and more amount of lapses.
  • Perfectly, even few of them.