Learning steps not enough before being mastered

When I learned with card boxes many, many years ago, I think, I had five until considering a card has really been mastered.
First box was the actual studying case. When I mastered a card, it came into the second box. A day later, I reviewed the second box, if I didn’t master a card from it, it was back in box 1, if I did master it, it went to box 3 - aso. When I mastered the cards in box 5, I considered them “learned” and they dropped out of the learning process.
Now, I see two decisions after showing the answer, “good” and “again”. “Again” shows the card after less 10 minutes - when it is still in the short-time memory. That is way too quick.
The Ankidroid has more steps than the Linux version. Can I change the Linux version to make it more like the Ankidroid version.
Or, at least, how can I change that “again” means “next day” or “2 days later”.

You can change learning steps and graduating interval in deck options. E.g. learning steps: 1d 2d 3d 4d 5d; graduating interval 7d. Then, good means two days later, again means next day.


I didn’t find that in the Linux version which looks like:

It seems that the custom study session doesn’t use the general options - for what reason ever.

These are the options for filtered decks, if you want to customize learning steps for new cards, you need to use deck options for normal decks, not filtered decks.

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