Manually changing card's "progress" (learning step/maturity)

Anki Version: 2.1.49
OS: macOS Monterey

Issue: I’ve recently changed my deck options. While this applies to new cards, I also want to apply it to my mature cards.

Currently, my step setup is: 20m 1d 3d 12d 30d 60d
As an example of what I want to do:
Let’s say a mature card is at a 15-day interval. I want to “de-mature” that card, and set the learning step to 15 days.
Let’s say another mature card is at a 40-day interval. I want to “de-mature” that card and set the learning step to 30 days.

What would be the most efficient way of doing this?

Thank you.

Learning steps are for new and learning cards. Review cards use intervals, which are calculated differently..

You don’t have so much control over intervals

Anki does not have a feature to set cards to a specific learning step. Learning steps were intended for us in the initial learning stages, and are not really recommended for intervals of weeks or months.

It’s my way of avoiding “ease hell.”

In my humble opinion, this may not be the optimal approach, as it is masking a symptom rather than addressing the root cause. If you find you’re forgetting cards frequently, one alternative you may wish to consider is decreasing your leech threshold, and reformulating material or creating a mnemonic for it when it is marked as a leech.

Thank you but it’s more a guarantee against ease hell. My retention rate is +95%. I just want to see the cards not as frequently as the algo currently has it.