Changing the learning steps

I started doing cards with “5 10 15 1440 1440 4320 4320” learning steps and these cards have not graduated yet, so are in learning status.
Now what happens if I delete some steps and to change my learning steps to “5 1440 4320” and study new cards while the previously studied cards are still in learning status.Will it affect those previosly studied cards? Will it probably create any problems with old and new cards scheduling?

Note:I am using anki 2.1.15 version and NOT activated 2.1scheduler

Changing the steps while cards are in learning card lead to skipped steps, but it shouldn’t cause any permanent damage.

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You are throwing darts while Anki has tools to tell you if your Learning steps are efficient or wasteful.; you will know whether to Increase or decrease the steps. Start by looking at the graph “Answer buttons.”
Next, look at add-on “Learning steps … Retention…”