Help with seeing Lapsed cards 3 days in a row

I recently was messing with my settings to help with ease hell (it’s a terrible place to be) and i changed the Lapses setting to the following:


My thought was that I can have a card in the Relearn phase for a little longer and then it wont make the ease go down when i get it wrong, and then set the minimum interval to 3 days so that when it “graduates” to a learned card it should start at 3 days. however, now cards that I’ve lapsed on show up with 1 day intervals for 3 days in a row and even going back to the regular settings didnt seem to fix it. This card is a perfect example (screenshot from 2/22/2022)


Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix?

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When you adjust the (re)learning steps while cards are already in learning, it can lead to repeated or skipped learning steps. It should go back to normal after the steps have realigned.

After much experimenting, i thought that this may be the case. Thanks for the confirmation!