Feature request- new card counter

@dae I’ve been working with @ijgnd a bit to make an add-on that counts how many new cards have been done that day and that week (because it’s been requested by an incredible amount of people). Is there any chance you’d be able to integrate something like this directly into Anki instead?

I can send you what we came up with so far, but essentially we allowed for them to choose which day the “week” started on or to just count the last 7 days.

If this isn’t something you have time for at the moment no worries. I can release this add-on in the meantime if we can get it working properly.

Would a graph over the last 30 days work? Old Anki versions had a graph called “First Added” that sounds like what you’re describing here.

Not quite. What people are wanting is something they could use with a premade deck and tells them the first time a card was reviewed, not the first time it was added. The advanced browser has a “first review” statistic that could work. However, I have had people tell me they would like an option to include or not include cards that are rescheduled. Is there a way to include advanced browsers “first review” data in a 30 day graph?

The reasoning for this is that many medical students try to get through X amount of cards per week in the massive premade decks. It’s hard to track this on a daily basis because some days are busier than others.

Our method essentially looks at the review time in the revlog and sees if that matches the review time of the very first review

Sorry, I’m having a bit of trouble following - you said “not quite” - how is a graph that shows the number of cards answered for the first time on each day different to what you’re suggesting?

And yes, I imagine it will require looking up the first revlog entry for each card. I’m not sure it makes sense to try and handle rescheduled cards - Anki didn’t log them in the past, and it would mean the same card could be counted as “new” multiple times, which doesn’t really make sense.

Perhaps I misunderstood your comment about the “first added”. My fault! If you’re thinking something like the “first added” stat but with “first time reviewed” then that would work well. If there’s a way to make it so that you can see how many total reviewed in the past x amount of days that’d be great as well (i.e. you hover over the bar and it shows you how many new cards reviewed on that day AND how many new reviewed on that day + all days more recent than that (or something like that).

Thanks @dae! Always appreciate your willingness to add new features

It may take me a while to get around to this - if anyone wants to add such a graph based off the existing Added graph, I’d be happy to accept a PR.

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