Feature Request: No new cards if

Hi there,

I posted this on Github and was told to put it here, so here it is now:

I’ve been using Anki on PC and Android for some months now and I’ve got an idea for a new feature I would quite enjoy having. I’ve not been practicing my vocabulary (which I use Anki for) very much for the last few weeks and so now a lot of my cards are due. I think it would be nice to be able to go into the deck settings and set it so that if that number of unpracticed cards exceeds for example 100, no new cards will be trained and it will only show known cards until those aren’t more than 100 anymore. That would make catching up easier.

I hope you think this is useful as well and maybe add it sometime.


A feature to limit new cards based on the number of pending reviews may come in a future update.

Nice to hear! Thanks