Is there a way to see a graph of new cards reviewed by day?

I typically add many cards to Anki at once (shared decks and otherwise), and then either rely on the “new cards per day” caps, or manually unsuspend batches to introduce new cards.

Because of this, the “Added” graph in the stats page isn’t very helpful for me–it’s far more spiky than what I’m actually interested in. You can see in this screenshot that it looks like I’m adding a bunch of cards at once, but in practice, I’m studying a steady trickle of new cards most days.

The “Reviews” graph is also not so helpful, because it groups new cards in with other learning cards. I’m essentially only interested in the count of “blue” cards per day.

Is there a way to get a graph of new (blue) cards studied by day? Thanks!


The Reviews graphs in Stats shows multiple colors. If you mouseover the histogram bars it tells you what each color stands for, and also the numerical counts.

In particular, the orange color represents “Learning”, which is distinct from red “Relearning”. I think that orange amount is what you’re interested in.

Thanks for replying!

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for. With FSRS’s preferred steps, you review a new card two times at minimum (unless marked easy). Both of these are counted as reviews for the purpose of that graph. In practice I often do more than that as I am learning the cards and marking them wrong the first time or two, but not always, so there’s not an easy way to translate from number of learning reviews → number of new cards.

As a secondary matter, I’d love to have it just be a single graph (without the other reviews, that is), or cumulative so that I can see my “seen deck” size grow over time. But that’s a nice to have.

This isn’t a graph, but in the left-hand-side sidebar, you can select “Today” / “First Review” to see which news cards were studied for the first time today. This is the same as searching for introduced:1 in the Browse window.

If you want to see which new cards were studied for the first time yesterday, you can search for introduced:2 -introduced:1 in the Browse window. And so on for other days before yesterday, etc.

But that’s just the list of cards, not a graph. Maybe there’s some add-on might provide a richer set of stats graphs than the default Stats functionality. Add-ons - AnkiWeb

I think you would be interested in something like this add-on: Progress Graphs and Stats for Learned and Matured Cards

Unfortunately it hasn’t worked in a while… at least for me. It’s been undercounting the number of learned cards I do. Perhaps it will get updated at some point.

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