Cards per day that passed the first learning step?

Hello everyone.

Probably a simple question…

I can see in the statistics how many cards I added to Anki in a day. But that doesn’t say anything about whether I’m already learning. Is there also a way to see how many cards went through the first learning step in one day? So you actually started learning?

Your help is very much appreciated.

In the statistics at least, you can see the number of reviews you had for learning cards at a particular date but it doesn’t show you the actual number of cards that you learned.
I know an indirect way of knowing how many cards you learnt at a particular day.

In the card browser, introduced:1 shows you cards learnt today

introduced:2 shows you cards learnt today+yesterday

introduced:3 shows you cards learnt in the last three days

You can use these searches in the browser. To know what cards you first learnt 30 days ago, simply do a search with introduced:30 -introduced:29. This shows you cards learnt 30 days ago but it would not include anything else.

(Note: If anyone knows better ways of going about it, please simply state it. My knowledge is limited on this but I do know this is a valid of way of doing it. By no means I’m trying to be in a “answering-the-question-first contest”, as someone believe here.)


Thank you so much, Sorata.

At least I have a solution. That’s worth a lot.

I don’t really expect to be able to see it on the iPhone. But maybe I overlooked something and someone else will come forward with an even more brilliant idea.

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If you encounter any problems trying to do what I suggested, tell me so.