Anki Statistics for Daily Performance Comparison

I could use some help with the statistics. I would like to compare how my performance varies from day to day.
Today has a “Again Count” percentage value, which I think if I subtract from 100, I get the percentage of cards I did well.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to find this value for the last few days.
I would like to know how many cards I have mastered in the last few days.

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Looking at on specific days might be of limited usefulness – but Anki aggregates that across days for you. Check out the Answer Buttons graph. Statistics - Anki Manual

[If you use FSRS, you can install the FSRS Helper add-on, and get a table of your recent retention performance for the past day-week-month. There are other add-ons that do that too – but I’m not familiar with which ones are updated and useful.]

You can search for some of those things in the Browse window – Searching - Anki Manual – and crunch the numbers yourself. The search can get complicated when you’re trying to rule certain days in and certain days out, since a card can be reviewed on multiple days. But if you don’t try to exclude any days, it’s not too tough –

Cards studied in the past week: rated:7
Cards studied in the past week that lapsed (Again) at least once : rated:7:1
Cards studied in the past week that didn’t lapse: rated:7 -rated:7:1


I don’t quite understand this method.
I opened up the statistics and it said
Today, I studied ⁨1,106⁩ cards and the again count was 280 (25.32%)

I brought up the browsing window and I tried your search terms:
rated:1 -rated:1:1 showed me 431 cards
and rated:1:1 167 cards.


That one is counting “reps” – the number of times you studied any card and graded your answer – not unique cards. If you scroll down to your “Reviews” graph, and hover over today, it’s clearer that figure is reps.

Thank you for helping!

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