Can I space out my learning? (40 new cards)

Hi guys, I’m a newbie to using Anki and wanted to ask, is there any setting for me to learn 40 cards but not in one sitting? I was hoping to spread out my learning and maybe receive a notification on my 10th card stating I have learnt 10 new cards.

Hope that makes sense :blush:

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Anki shows you the number of remaining cards to do at the bottom of the review screen. You can simply pause then continue your reviews later in the day. There’s no setting to notify you about that, but @Shigeyuki’s add-on might work for you:


If you want to study in fixed time blocks, you can set the Timebox time limit in Preferences->Review. It will show a popup message after you have been studying for some time with a summary which you can use as a reminder to take a break.

It will not remind you to get back to work though.


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