Ability to bring forgetting cards after a week review closer?

Hello guys, I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I’m currently having. I’m completely new to Anki so apologies in advance if this has already been answered.

So, I’ve been using Anki for a solid 2 months now and think its great. My only concern is, when I view cards that I am expected to know after a month I completely forget that specific card. Is there a way I can create a sub-deck or something to keep the more challenging cards in one place without affecting the rest of my schedule. I’m hoping to view the difficult cards more than just the once but hopefully every other day.

I hope that makes sense and sorry about the length of this question! :sweat_smile:

Are you using FSRS (which you’d have to specifically turn on), or the standard SM-2 scheduling algorithm?

What do you think it’s too short? :wink: This forum can handle detailed questions, so don’t be shy!

Awesome! Not really turned anything on so I think I’m just using the standard SM-2 scheduling. Whats the difference between the two, a part from the names :wink:

[Lots of differences, but that won’t help answer your question, so I’ll let you read up on the SM-2 and FSRS algorithms first, and you can follow up with any specific questions you have.]

It can be hard to get used to, but lapses are a part of the spaced-repetition process. They aren’t a sign of failure (yours or Anki’s), but a sign that the system is working. Some cards are harder than others and once you and Anki find that out (because it’s impossible to predict in advance), you can have them space out their intervals more slowly.

Each card is on its own schedule, so one card lapsing isn’t going to impact any of the other cards.

I understand the temptation to study those cards more, but you’re better off trusting the algorithm and just taking the time to learn them. When a card lapses, it’s a good time to think about why it lapsed. Is there another card interfering wtih it? Maybe a mnemonic would help you sort them out. Is it a badly designed card? Maybe you can make it better. I find that even just spending that few extra minutes considering the card can help improve its chances later.

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You could always flag such cards via the UI and make a filtered deck that picks up cards with that flag, if unsure how the query is look at the browse field info when selecting Flags entries on the left side.

I’ve done such filtered decks, but usually I end up not using them and rather rely on Anki servicing cards I do not know more frequently.

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