Review order too long, I'm stuck in a forgetting loop

Hello! I’m learning verb conjugation tables, so I have pretty big flash cards.

This was initially OK— I was able to learn quite a few, by only learning 4 at a time.

The problem is I took 3 weeks off Anki, and now I have 15 conjugation tables to review, and by the time I get back to the first one, I’ve forgotten it. It’s making my cycle through all 15 even though I hit “again” for them. Edited: So I hit “again” for all 15 because they’re really hard. Then I start the loop all over again, I may remember card #2, but after seeing 14 cards over 10–12 minutes, I’ve already forgotten it! I know if I just keep doing it, they’ll all eventually stick, but it doesn’t seem like the most efficient way of doing rote memorization

I have lowered my Learning steps to 5s 30s 10m. But it still requires my to cycle them all, I imagine because it’s already been inserted into some overdue queue, and I hitting 5s just pushes it to the end of that queue.

This is actually a recurring issue I have with Anki— basically I want to juggle a small set of forgotten/new cards until I can break out, but it can get into a weird state where I’m juggling 10+ new cards and nothing seems to be sticking.

I’m not exactly sure what algorithm I would like to see, but I know the current way is not working for my brain… What I would like to do is: only juggle 3–5 learning cards that I’m struggling with, until I’m able to break out.

I haven’t thought it through, but perhaps one algorithm for these learning cards (by learning cards I mean cards that I’ve hit “again” on today), it should display the last seen over due card (and not the most overdue card!!). That way I’ll only be juggling 2–3 “again” cards.

I’m not sure what you mean here by even though I hit “again”

Hitting Again means you forgot the card, so it will keep showing it to you with minimal delay until you enter something other than Again.

If you saw the card only a minute ago or less, you probably still remember it, so you should enter something like Good, or at least Hard, the second time you see it. And then see if you still remember it the next time (which should be tomorrow, or whenever it comes up again for review).

Apologies, that didn’t make much sense. I edited it to try and make it more clear.

The problem I’m experiencing is the “again” queue gets really long, where it can take 8–15 minutes before I see an “again” card again, which is too long for my brain.

Sometimes I’ll just stick with it, and just crank out the rote memorization. But it feels very inefficient. Other times I’ll create a custom study, or do other tricks to lower the amount of learning/relearning cards I’m juggling. Seems like there should be some option I can set.

It’s extra weird because this doesn’t happen with new cards— that works perfectly. It’s seems to mostly happen when I take an extended amount of time off, and I forget everything I had been learning. So perhaps my issue may have to do with forgotten/relearning cards.

At this point, your best bet would be to just Forget those cards. Select all of them in the Browse window, then choose Cards / Forget… from the menu. That will reset them all to become new cards.

Probably you should also select the “Reset repetition and lapse counts” checkbox.

After all, if you can’t recall them after a short time, then you are effectively at square one with them anyway.

Part of me doesn’t want to throw away the data. That would definitely work and fix it! Thank you! I really appreciate the help!

I also tried setting Relearning steps to 5s 30s 10m. I noticed Again was actually scheduling <10m, so that was an issue. Unfortunately the long relearning queue still persists. But perhaps it will fix the issue on another day, since I changed the option after I had already lapsed on all the cards.

You aren’t really throwing away any data. Looking at the card info (from the Cards / Info… menu item) will still show all your review history, and that logged and timestamped data persists even after a Forget.

The reason I recommended resetting lapse counts is simply so that you don’t start bumping into the leech threshold.

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