Lapses and Reviews setup

I have the following unbalanced lapses for many cards:
Again: 10 min
Hard: 15 min
Good: 1.5 yr
Easy: 1.5 yr
Again: 10 min
Hard: 15 min
Good: 2.6 yr
Easy: 2.6 yr
and so on

My current setting is:
New cards
Steps 1 10
Graduating interval 1
Easy interval 4
Starting ease 131
Steps 10
New Interval 50%
Minimum int 1 day
Max reviews 300
Easy bonus 130%
Hard interval 120%
Interval modifier 191%

Am I supposed to reschedule the whole deck to see any changes in scheduling?

What is your expectation? By the way, changing setup only affects the review in the future.

I recommend using FSRS4Anki and FSRS4Anki Helper. It could adapt to your memory and reschedule all your cards.

The gab between Hard and Good is too large. Once you press Again, it should be rescheduled to something between 1 - 10 days for Good (but not “for good” :grinning:)

And it keeps doing the same no matter how many times I evaluate the same card.

I will take a look at fsrs4anki

Thank you

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I get the message
Please paste the code of FSRS4Anki into custom scheduling at the bottom of the deck options screen.
and this is the bottom of the deck options screen:

Please follow this Usage:

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